Hydrocarbon molecules in diesel fuel are naturally very haphazard and chaotic, but when the diesel flows through our exclusive magnetic chamber that is installed on your fuel line, the hydrocarbon molecules change their orientation and convert from a “para” state to an “ortho” state (figure 1). In the ortho state, inter molecular force is considerably reduced, and the space between the hydrogen molecules is increased. Therefore, the hydrogen molecules actively attract more oxygen which produces a more complete burn in the combustion chamber. In essence, by adding more oxygen to the combustion process, the fuel is burned more efficiently. The improved combustion then results in more energy produced, a better fuel economy and less emissions. 




figure 1

If installing FuelSav on a new diesel engine, you will see the reduction in fuel consumption almost immediately (the typical testing period is 30-45 days for new engines). If you are installing FuelSav on a used diesel engine, you need to wait approximately 60-90 days before calculating your fuel and ADBLue consumption reduction. The reason is that the FuelSav unit will also clean out soot build up in the engine. This also results in a reduction of the need to change the particle filter as often. 

FuelSav can be installed on any diesel engine. The typical fuel consumption reduction results have been between 10-20 percent depending on the age of the engine. Our company guarantees a 10% reduction in fuel consumption, so if you aren't happy with your results after the testing period, we will take the unit back and refund your money.