Ernie Florestano was born and raised in Annapolis, Maryland USA. He was one of two boys in his family. After graduated High School, Ernie joined the United States Marine Corps in 1946. They sent him to the Marine Corps Air Station in Cherry Point, North Carolina as an Aviation Crash Crewman. He spent his active duty time at MCASCP from 1946 to 1949. He later attended the University of Maryland where he earned his undergraduate degree in education.


Ernie then met his wife, Mary, in Annapolis, where she worked as a teacher. Mary and Ernie were blessed with one lovely daughter, Marianna, and later, two wonderful grandsons, Ian and Winston. 

Upon his graduation from the University of Maryland, Ernie accepted a position in Norfolk Virginia with an ice cream manufacturer. Ernie's next venture was with Eutectic Corporation, where he was a sales consultant for welding rod equipment. His focus was on low temperature welding of dissimilar metals,

and he was very successful for 17 years selling welding rods to the heavy industries located around Southeastern Virginia. Towards the late 1960s, Ernie was introduced to non-chemical, magnetically based technology designed to protect water systems from mineral scaling and corrosion. At the same time, Ernie graduated with a Masters Degree in Guidance and Counseling in 1969, from the College of William and Mary.


Ernie opened Adesso Corporation (Italian for “Now”) in 1970, which focused on providing green, non-chemical, magnetically based technology for protecting water systems from mineral scaling and corrosion. He spent the first seven years of business doing research and development to perfect the engineering of his invention. Towards the end of the ‘70s, Ernie changed the name of his company to Descal-A-Matic Corporation, to reflect what the technology does for water treatment systems--automatically descales water systems while softening hard water and

decreasing its surface tension. Over the past 48 years, Descal-A-Matic has seen its technology installed in many thousands of water systems, across the spectrum of applications: from private homes to hospitals, and the largest commercial / industrial facilities.


During the mid-80s, once the technology for water systems had become a great success, Ernie was reading different literature related to magnetic influence on fuels and thinking about what influence his technology could have on diesel powered equipment. As result, Ernie and his associates installed a magnetic device on a diesel truck, which led to significant results. He found that his technology, originally made to protect water systems from mineral scaling, could enhance diesel fuel performance, while lowering noxious emissions, and provide a cleaner running engine, in all types of diesel engines from maritime and construction machinery to heavy duty, over-the-road trucks and military tanks.

Ernie's tenacity and commitment to perfecting his technology has resulted in brilliant innovations that have led to a greener earth, healthier, chemical-free water systems, significant cost savings for the users of both the water treatment and fuel saving devices, an increase in crop yields, and a reduction in the amount of natural resources consumed.


Simply put, Ernie's inventions can be attributed to his love of science and his unrelenting drive to harness the science of magnetism. Ernie is an out-of-the-box thinker, and his genius generates new ideas every day.

Ernest J. Florestano

President, Descal-A-Matic Corporation, USA